Protect My Privacy

Android App Privacy Protection

Installation Instructions

  1. PMP requires a rooted device. For instructions on how to root your phone, refer to How do I root my Android Phone?
  2. Install the Xposed Framework. Based on your Android version, use either Xposed for 4.x or Xposed for 5.x/6.0
  3. Install the Protect My Privacy (PMP) from Google Play Store or Xposed Module Store.
  4. Go to the Xposed applications, select the modules tab. You should see PMP listed. Check the box next to PMP.
  5. Select the framework tab within xposed, and select soft restart. A soft restart is quicker, but a power off and on will also work.
  6. Once your phone restarts, go to PMP. You should see a list of applications! If so, PMP is working.

For installation issues, see Help